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  • Browse, send, and receive gifts and gift cards.
    No mailing address is required.
  • Follow friends and brands, and share your favorite products.
Millions of Amazing Gifts from Thousands of Favorite Brands!

How It Works

  • Send a Gift

  • Receive a Gift

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  1. Choose a product
  2. Select a recipient
  3. Decide how to notify the recipient
  4. Select a greeting card, write text, and record a video
  5. Pay for the gift


  • Follow your friends.
    Find and follow your friends. See what they post on their timelines and read their comments. Then repost and share with others in your circle.
  • Get inspired by curated posts.
    See what’s trendy and new to find that perfect inspiration for your gifts. Do so via curated posts from top brands and influencers.
  • Create your wish list.
    Browse and discover products you wish to receive. Post them on your timeline for friends and family to see.
  • Find out what’s on your friends’ wish lists.
    Access your friends’ wish lists, send them gifts of their choosing, and brighten up their day.
  • Gift a specific list of products.
    Choose a price range for your friends’ wish list. Send them a list of the products within that range and let them have their pick. Get as specific as you want by using multiple filters, too.
  • Personalize gifts.
    Make your gifts meaningful and special. Embellish them with personal photos, videos, and greeting cards.
  • Receive the gift of your choice.
    You’re free to choose the color and/or size of the gift you wish to receive. You can even exchange the gift hassle-free for any other available product before shipping takes place.
  • Browse, discover, and save products.
    Browse and discover new products or save them to your list. Return to them later if you want to put them aside as a potential gift for someone else or add them to your wish list.

Questions & Answers

Can I send gifts to people who don’t use GiftsApp?

Absolutely! You just need to specify the recipient’s phone number or email address. The recipient will then receive the notification and follow the steps in it to redeem the gift.

Will the recipient see the price of the gift?

The price will not be visible to the recipient. We keep that information secret.

When and how will you charge my credit card?

GiftsApp will charge your credit card once you place the order. If the gift is not accepted by the recipient, the full gift amount will be placed on your GiftsApp balance and can be used while sending new gifts.

Does GiftsApp ship internationally?

Currently, GiftsApp supports shipping within the United States only.

Where are the products coming from?

GiftsApp partners with top US retailers and when you gift products to your friends, these retailers ship the items directly to the according recipients.

How will the recipient be notified about my gift?

If the recipient is not a GiftsApp user, you can choose the “Any Recipient” option and notify them via any other social channel (SMS, E-mail, iMessages, Facebook Messenger, Slack, WhatsApp, Snapchat, etc.). The recipient will be able to tap the received link and follow the steps to redeem the gift.

For how long will the recipient be able to redeem the gift?

The recipient can redeem the gift within 28 days after the notification is sent to him or her. We send notifications immediately after you confirm payment during checkout. If the recipient does not redeem the gift within 28 days, the full gift amount will be placed on your GiftsApp balance and can be used while sending new gifts.

When will the selected gift be delivered to the recipient?

After the recipient selects the gift, we will place the order directly with the retailer. By default, our retailers provide ground shipping and the recipient should receive the gift within 1 to 5 days. You can also follow our email and in-app notifications for gift delivery updates.

How can I track my order?

To check the status of your order or track a delivery, go to Profile Sent Gifts Gift Summary. From here you’ll be able to view Order Details, Gift Messages, and gift delivery tracking information.

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